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College Fundraiser


The Best In Candy Bar Fundraising

You want your next College Fundraiser to be better than the previous? Now you need to make use of our tips and fundraising planning resources that will bring out your creativity! Ready? Follow our planning guide below for the best fraternity and sorority fundraising start!

#1: Be More Focused and Specific With Your Fundraising Theme or Message

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Whichever the idea you choose, you must boil it down to a very simple message. You need to explain the campaign in a very brief statement. It is okay if you can have multiple components, but such components must not detract from the main goal of your fundraising. If there is a reoccurring initiative for the fundraising, you may build a new, focused theme on such existing foundation. It has been discovered that using the same hashtag across multiple fundraising events can prove to be very valuable especially if the campaign is reoccurring or ongoing.

#2: Add Some Twist to the Tradition

Is it a tradition to sell candy bars or some other catalog items meant for your fundraising? By adding simple touches to this tradition by purchasing your College Fundraiser selection from a reputable organization, this can be achieved. The reason being that such kits can be made more personal and customized with your idea fundraiser theme and goals. Fundraising kits are designed by professionals; hence they are perfect for the occasion. You can also indulge in a Bake sale, walk-a-thin, or car wash activities.

A bake sale is a great fundraising idea. You can even have different departments bake different things. Walk-a-thon is another idea you can use for your College Fundraiser activities. This could be a Cart-wheel –a-thon or Dance-a-thon activity. You can encourage donors to donate for a chance to take over the college’s social media account (for instance, the Twitter or Instagram account). You may also want to hire a legitimate auctioneer and then call for college donations or simply share the proceeds from the sale of the donated items with the item owners.

Aside from bake sale, Dance-a-thon, and direct sale of donated items, you can also throw a unique themed party (especially one of those 60s themed parties), other ideas include; Under-water sea life party, Game of Thrones-themed party, or Candy crush themed party. You may want to incorporate some other ideas such as raffle or auction sales at the themed party to generate even more funds.

Organize a high-end dinner- You may want to consider a fancy black-tie dinner and charge a slightly high but affordable fee. If your college has an established culinary department or school, you can have them cater for the event, in order to save costs of the auction. If you are lucky enough to have a music department in the school, you should have them cater for the entertainment. As the College Fundraiser, there is no need to remind you that your presence on social media is important. You can add some links to your fundraiser pages such as Tweeting donation link and you can entice visitors to the link by telling them they will be entered into a raffle draw.

#3: Add Some Special Opportunities for Donors

There are several ways you can add some twists to your College Fundraiser donations. For instance, you can ask donors to donate a certain amount to break certain rules for the day, or they can donate to have their own personal escorts all through the day. You can also ask for a certain level of donations to qualify for a VIP spot for a week.

There are several other ideas and tips that can make a College Fundraiser activity become very successful, you can make things even easier by selecting one of our premium candy fundraisers!